Mov Nat

What is Mov Nat?

Mov Nat is a physical education system that focuses on reclaiming the full range of natural human movement capabilities. We relearn efficiency and effectiveness in various types of movement that humans possess. These include:


walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing and swimming


lifting, carrying, throwing, and catching

Why Mov Nat?

I use the words “relearn” and “reclaim” referring to the skills we work on in Mov Nat because many of these movement patterns are natural to us, and we may have even utilized them quite effortlessly as children. However, many of the norms of modern living have removed us from nature and as a consequence, our bodies have forgotten how to move efficiently. This can lead to many of the ailments that are so common in modern society.

Some of the intentions of Mov Nat are:

  • To reconnect with our natural environment.
  • To understand and reclaim our full range of natural human movement capabilities.
  • To re-imagine fitness as our natural state
  • To re-imagine exercise as play
  • To find freedom and happiness moving through the world

How does Mov Nat relate to Yoga?

Both are about becoming centered within yourself. Finding your true nature. Yoga uses your breath and body as tools to go inward and develop mindfulness. Mov Nat uses the relationship of the body and the environment to ignite a deeper awareness of your nature and how you mindfully move in the world.
Yoga takes the journey inward, and Mov Nat takes the journey outward. Both roads lead to the Self.

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