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Patrick Hogan is a certified yoga teacher (RYT-500 and ERYT-200) who is also certified in Thai Massage and Mov Nat.

Patrick’s intention is to assist in guiding people on their journey towards knowing their deeper selves. His methods include helping people develop their Sadhana (personal practices), awakening their mind/body potential through vinyasa  and Mov Nat, and enhancing one’s sense of bodily freedom and energetic healing through Thai bodywork.

He believes in a playful approach to his practices and his teaching. For it is through play that we do our deepest learning. And by learning to reconnect with our playful nature, we can better tune into our passions and purpose in life.

For Patrick, his passion for physical expression and a connection to nature have been the means for finding himself. Through a myriad of activities: skiing, rock climbing, triathlon, hiking, martial arts, and movement theatre Patrick has learned how to move in the world. Through yoga, he has learned to explore and illuminate his inner self. All these activities, but especially Yoga, Mov Nat, and Thai bodywork, are practices of self-exploration: how the physical can illuminate the mind and how the mind can transform the body.

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